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                I-leaf Doors & Windows

                IL Gi-63T

                The unmatched strength of the body made of high quality Galvanised Steel and State-of-Art technology with unique features like multi-point, multi-position lever locking system, unique finish, non duplicable key, installation accessories etc and hence are very easy to install. The sturdy doors are supported by four sets of heavy duty invisible bearing hinges and user friendly wide peep hole etc. They provide perfect protection and peace of mind. GI Steel doors are created out of high quality galvanised steel with several unique features. The leaf of the doors are thick, structured with two side panel and rock wool/ honey comb material stuffing in between. These doors are finished in eye-catching wooden textures with durable special Matt Finish Heat Transmission Painting Technology (MHTPT), with colour guard treatment.

                At a Glance
                • Made of high quality Galvanised Steel? with several unique features
                • Door leaf thickness 50 mm
                • Structured Door frame sheet thickness : 1.2mm
                • Structured Door leaf sheet thickness :? 0.6mm x2
                • Door Panel stuffing with Rock Wool / Honey Comp Paper
                • Multi Point, Multi Position, single key operated lever locks.
                • Matt finish? Heat Transmission ?Painting Technology (MHTPT)
                • Non Duplicable 8 key ( 3 Servant Keys? + 5 Master Keys)
                • Attractive handle designs
                • Termite, Sound and dust proof, Anti Corrosive
                • No climatic deformation as in wood
                • No additional cost for? frame, lock , painting and accessories
                • Easy to install
                • Available in different sizes
                • Ready to fix sizes? 196x86 cms, 196x96 cms, 200x86 cms, 205x86 cms, 205x90 cms, 205x96 cms

                (Ready to fix sizes and designs are subject to availability in stock)