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                I-leaf Doors & Windows


                The state-of-art features:

                The high-security digital locking system from i-leaf providing state-of-art convenience and digitally secure, high-end protection for your home & office with multi-mode advantages of user-friendly keyless entry. The outstanding features of the technologically smart, high-security and user friendlyi-leaf digital door locking systems. Gives Modern looks to home or office, user friendly functions and Easy to install.

                • I-leaf Doors & Windows
                • I-leaf Doors & Windows
                • I-leaf Doors & Windows
                  RFID Card
                • I-leaf Doors & Windows
                  Manual Key
                • Fingerprint Sensor Smart sensor, Swedish FPC fingerprint sensor is one of the safest.
                • Lock Handle Body Aviation-grade aluminum alloys and other highly durable material for life time use and ultimate safety.
                • Structure 304 stainless steel lock body transmission structure with strong corrosion resistance.
                • Human Voice Human voice guide makes it easier to operate the system.
                • Password lock Secure anti-peeping technology, unique intelligent virtual password input. It will be blocked for 3 minutes if wrong passwords are entered by 5 times continuously. The password can be changed easily whenever necessary for additional safety
                • Touch pad 5A level touch screen pad with smart touch response technology like in high-end smart phone, durable and not easy to wear.
                • Password Protection Intelligent security assurance, the same password trial and error security protection technology like in top brand Smart Phones.
                • Lock cylinder The safety level of lock cylinder is higher than B level, which can greatly improve the home security.
                • Fingerprint Processing The chip uses the same fingerprint chip as in the top brand Smart Phones, and the measured recognition speed is as fast as 0.3 seconds.
                • Surface Treatment Nano-technology, superb surface treatment technology lets color and lustre last for a long time and toughtened glass finish at outer.
                • OLED Screen OLED screen guidance for easy operation
                • Electronic System Operating Voltage: DC4.5V-6.5V, 4X 1.5V Alkaline Batteries Dynamic Peak Current: ≤250 Battery Life: ≥8000 uses normally Low Battery Reminder: ≤4.8±0.2V Emergency Power Supply: 5V Micro USB Operating Temperature: -25c to 65c Relative Humidity: 25%-95% Suitable Door Thickness : 32mm to 120mm
                  Password Capacity: 1 Card Capacity: 10 Finger Print Capacity: 70 Users
                  Multiple manual keys